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Tip From Steve Mosby

The main advice for all writers – aspiring or established – is to sit down and write. A book takes such a long time to create, and it’s too easy to get bogged down in the early stages, re-writing beginning sections rather than pressing on. Once you have a first draft, however bad, you can edit it and make it better, but at least you know there’s a book there somewhere. That said, as a beginning author, the opening to your novel is very important. You need to catch the eye of an editor – your first reader, but hopefully not your last – as quickly as possible.

Steve Mosby lives and works in Leeds. He is the author of THE THIRD PERSON, THE CUTTING CREW, THE 50/50 KILLER, CRY FOR HELP and STILL BLEEDING. Find out more at:

Published by Orion, an extract to the author’s own opening chapters can be viewed below. View Still Bleeding on Amazon

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