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Guy Saville
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Tip From Shari Low

I’ve written ten books now and one thing has been true of all of them – in each novel I created a character that I fell madly in love with. In My Best Friend’s Life it was a male stripper called Jude. I was flushed for much of that experience. In my next book, Friday Night with the Girls, I was besotted with one of the leading ladies’ husbands. Please don’t judge me – I didn’t act on it and it’s not a habit I carry over into real life.

This writing practice may not be easy to do if your novel is a science fiction masterpiece about a space station inhabited only by robots and monkeys, but in the romantic comedy genre I find it gives the love story honesty and depth. And it also makes the sexy scenes far more interesting. Nothing beats spending an afternoon dreaming up raunchy things to do with a 6ft tall, lovable, funny, finely formed Adonis . . .

Shari Low, author of Friday Night With the Girls (pub date – 1st Sept 2011) and Temptation Street (out now) 

Published by Little Brown, an extract to the author’s own opening chapters can be viewed below.  View Temptation Street on Amazon    View Friday Night with the Girls on Amazon

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