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Guy Saville
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Tip From Jessica Blair

Love words and let them take your reader down a road filled with new experiences.
Write every day, no matter how little, even though you feel your writing is not as good as you want it to be; ideas will continue to flow and it is easy to revise.

Your characters must be alive and you must be every character acting as THEY would, NOT as YOU would in the situations in which they find themselves.

Lead the reader on by implanting in their mind, through your writing, the query, ‘What is going to happen next?’ Leave the reader wanting to read your next book.

Above all, enjoy writing.

Jessica Blair, author of Secrets of a Whitby Girl (pub date – 3rd March 2011)

Published by Little Brown, an extract to the author’s own opening chapters can be viewed below. View Secrets of a Whitby Girl on Amazon

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