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Stephen Kelman
"The process of writing a novel is an intensely personal one that, if it’s ..." More

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The Next Big Author Competition Entry is free for all nationalities. The publishing groups of many of the world's most famous authors - including Dan Brown, Terry Pratchett and Stephen King - join to support The Next Big Author in our competitions, and read and provide feedback on winners opening chapters. If you have written the opening chapters of a book at any time you can participate in our competitions. Join now and the site will alert you when we introduce the next competition.

The Next Big Author initiative aims to encourage and support new talent towards literary success. Register with by the Register Now button above. Free to join and participate.

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This is a brilliant initiative and a great way for budding authors to receive feedback on their work. Your book receiving editorial input early will hopefully propel it on the way to publication!
Lauren Buckland, Commissioning Editor, Random House Children's Books
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